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How does LiveChat Partner Program work?

Let’s assume you’re a blogger with thousands of readers each month. You want to write posts that will be helpful and valuable but also find ways to be able to support yourself from only writing. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do that by promoting solutions that are already used and loved by thousands of people and that could be genuinely beneficial to your readers?

Now, that’s exactly what you can do as a LiveChat Affiliate. What’s your first step? You can register on their website following this link, and that’s that! You get access to the abundance of affiliate marketing resources, ‘The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide’ where you can learn all tips and trick of this type of advertising, and yes… a Partner Manager assigned so you can contact them anytime with any questions and ideas you may have.

With all that in mind, you don’t even need any previous knowledge about affiliate marketing! You can just copy a referral link available readily in your partner dashboard, and simply include it any of the posts you create on your blog. Then, you can watch as people sign up for 14-day free LiveChat trials. Once they buy a paid version of the product, you get a 20% commission. It’s easy!

Start your affiliate journey today and earn a stable stream of passive income!

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